The principle of laterality

Left-handedness and right-handedness …

Laterality (left-handedness and right-handedness) is determined by the position of the cerebral hemispheres, not by the dexterity of hands or feet. This applies not only to humans but also to animals.

Laterality has a major impact on our physical and mental health, partner interrelationships, and quality of our life.

Our world is polarized because nothing can exist by itself. It always consists of two energies/forces that are different in quality, complement each other, attract each other and create a harmonious whole. Different polarities are depicted by the yin and yang monad. Different forms are for example: proton and electron, male and female, day and night, white and black, yes and no, plus and minus, exhalation and inhalation, galaxy and dark matter, etc. Left- and right-handedness are also polarities because they have a direct connection with male and female principles.


… principle of laterality = hemispheres

There are many studies that describe the principle of laterality, but they often contradict each other. Nevertheless, it is experimentally verified that each hemisphere fulfils a different function and has different qualities (e.g., Ian McGilchrist – Divided Brain). The cerebral hemispheres are cross-connected with the opposite part of the body, i.e., with the arms and legs (the border is at eyebrow level). Their interconnection is provided by the corpus callosum (callosal commissure). The right hemisphere is connected to the left side of the body. The left hemisphere is connected to the right side of the body. Centers of processing following activities and processes are located in the individual hemispheres.

Dominant brain hemisphere = “masculine quality”

Dominant (rational) cerebral hemisphere = MASCULINE QUALITIES = analytical thinking. It is logical, detail-oriented, calculating, it works with facts, controls language and speech, manifests will, gathers data and facts, works with memory, masters science and strategy, processes lyrics.

Creative brain hemisphere = “feminine quality”

Creative (non-dominant) brain hemisphere = FEMALE QUALITIES = processes feelings, creativity, intuition, imagination, fantasy, music, art, dreaming, creativity, holistic thinking (multitasking), rhythm, emotions, wit, tastes, smells, hearing, photographic memory, and visualization.

From the functions of the hemispheres, it is clear that the dominant hemisphere has a “masculine, yang” quality and the creative hemisphere has a “feminine, yin” quality. Scientific research has determined that the dominant hemisphere is the left hemisphere and the creative is the right hemisphere. Yes, that applies to right-handed people.

In left-handed people, the hemispheres are mirror-reversed: the left is creative and the right is dominant.

The word dominant does not mean that this hemisphere is better than the creative hemisphere. But its energetic basis is “moving forward” (leadership). While the creative hemisphere has an energetic basis of “being static – in place”.

More information in article The brain is like a car repair shop and flower shop and Male nad female sides of the body.

Crossed laterality and ambidexterity does not exists

Neither crossed laterality nor ambidexterity has any scientific basis in body physiology. In scientific works (Lothar Rupff), it was found that the correlation of the dominant eye/ear with the dominant hand is low – approximately 60%. Therefore, these tests cannot be considered reliable. A greater correlation was found for the correlation with the hand and the leg. Nevertheless, eye dominance tests form a substantial part of commonly used tests.

In our opinion, this is only the creation of artificial “boxes” on basis of unclear or questionable results of laterality tests. These “characteristics” are mostly shown in tests by right-handed people (that is, people who think they are right-handed). It is, therefore, a way of behavior or compensation, rather than a physiological difference.

We do not perform any exercises related to eyes or ears in our seminars.

But nothing on this planet is wrong. Presumably, these “boxes” have been needed for some time to relieve pressure on right-handedness in all humans.

How does the hand cooperate with the cerebral hemisphere?

Stimulating the palms and fingers (sense of touch), sends an action signal to the brain. The right hand sends signals to the left hemisphere and the left hand to the right hemisphere. For example: for a left-handed person, using the left hand as dominant, the left hand sends signals for the processing of details to the right (rational) hemisphere – the one which is intended for this act. The right hemisphere receives the signal, processes it, and sends it back to the left hand.

In a left-hander, who is not aware of his left laterality and thus not using it, the right hand sends signals to the left (creative) hemisphere, which cannot process these signals and therefore forwards them to the appropriate centre in the right hemisphere. The hemisphere does not process the signal, because it had not come from the related hand but from somewhere else and sends it back. In this way, the hemispheres exchange the signal 2-3 times and only then does the rational hemisphere resolve it and send it back to the left hemisphere, which controls the right hand. The brain can learn well and can also form new connections if it receives repeated signals. So, over time, these paths loosen and somehow it actually works. However, the quality is never what it would be with the correct laterality.

Since the brain consumes up to 1/3 of all energy, these excess brain activities require additional energy in an undetected left-handed person.

The entire system is then used contrary to its set-up, and thus becomes unbalanced. More information in page Common symptoms of incorrect laterality.

How many “unrecognized left-handers” and “unrecognized right-handers” are there?

The term “hidden left-hander” refers to a person who tries to live as a right-handed person (uses his/her hands and feet like a right-handed person), but is actually left-handed. The same goes for the “hidden right-hander”. It is a person who tries to live as a left-handed person (uses his/her hands and feet like a left-handed person) but is actually right-handed.

There is an “equal” amount of people who are right-handed and left-handed. We may consider that 51% of the population is right-handed and 49% is left-handed. Yet, statistics, not only in the Czech Republic, show that 90% are right-handed and 10% are left-handed. This will result in the following:

Approximately 39% percent of the population does not live their left-handedness (hidden left-handers) and tries to live as right-handed people.

There are also undetected right-handers. According to Karel Grunick, who has been dealing with this issue for more than 20 years, these are real exceptions. During his practice, he met only 4 hidden right-handed persons. They were probably descendants of left-handed parents who were forced by violence to be right-handed during their childhood. Under the weight of this traumatic experience, they decided to raise their children to be left-handed (even though they were actually right-handed).


It is therefore incomparably more likely that a person is hidden left-handed than hidden right-handed. The next text is presented for hidden left-handers. It may serve similarly for hidden right-handers as well.

How does a “hidden left-hander” come about?

There are, actually, only two options:

  • by force
  • by own decision

Hidden left-handers were born out of compulsion in schools and in families due to the pressure to write with the right hand. Although this is no longer officially the case, the still recognized approach is: “if he/she is not distinct left-handed, let him write with his right hand.” Even the approach to left- and right-handed writing in all nurseries and primary schools is not currently equally neutral.

Biology shows that the offspring of more developed creatures, who have been in the care of their parents for a long time, learn mainly by observing their parents. We are all aware of it – children do not do what their parents say, they do what their parents do. If there is a mismatch, children will instinctively choose what parents actually do, over what they say. Smart children observe their parents taking things into their right hand (writing, chopping wood, cutting with a knife, …). And so even if they instinctively take the tool into the appropriate hand for the first time, they look around and then take the tool in the same hand as mom or dad. If this works and it is not very uncomfortable for them (distinct left-hander), and they do manage with their right hand, they will stick with this approach.

Left-handed children often choose to live as right-handed people in order not to differ from their surroundings, or to avoid commonly present negative statements about left-handed people.

Left-handedness and right-handedness are just as hereditary as other physical parts of the body. This is a function of the brain that is obtained and “mixed” as inheritance from of all our ancestors. So, it is not a rule that a left-hander gives birth to a left-hander, and a right-hander to a right-hander. The “traditional” rule that the first child is right-handed and the second left-handed does not work either.

Unrecognized left-handers usually have a number of consequences on the physical, mental and emotional levels as the result of not living their correct laterality. These consequences are seemingly unrelated, and only a few would recognize that they may have a common cause of not living their natural laterality. A list of the most common consequences may be found in: Symptoms of incorrect laterality.

… left-handedness and society

None of the polar qualities are better or worse. It’s just that everyone is different.

Is the world more yin or yang? At a guess, we would say it’s about equal. Also, the number of men and women in the population is approximately the same. All polarity elements are approximately half and half to keep the whole in balance. It is clearly perceptible from the well-known monad.

The laws of physics do not allow for imbalance. Polarities attract each other, complement each other, and cannot exist without each other. Neither of polarities qualities is better or worse – they are just different. Both are needed, and together they form a harmonious whole.

Left-handed and right-handed persons are different – but equal beings. Nevertheless, they are not perceived as such in the society.

Left-handed and right-handed persons

The present world claims that right-handed people predominate and left-handed people are in the minority. The statistics of individual countries speak very differently about the left-handed people percentage representation in individual countries. European data shows the size of the left-handed population to be between 7-16%. In Arab countries, and in China or Korea, only 1% are officially left-handed. It is illogical that left-handed people would be born in different numbers depending on the borders of the states.

So why is there such a big difference (imbalance) in the number of left-handed and right-handed people in our otherwise polarity-balanced world? The answer is simple, the data is not correct. So, the way laterality is determined has a systematic error and is unreliable.

Let’s try to remember some sayings, or proverbs about the right or the left hand:

  • It is right! (in accordance that it is the truth, it is correct),
  • righteousness (it is a correct conduct),
  • human right/rights
  • the right man for the job
  • Right to the bottom;
  • a right line (straight)…
  • we may find more
  • Mr right – the true love
  • we shake the right hands
  • right angle

and conversely

  • It is considered impolite to shake with your left hand
  • in some cultures, the left hand is “dirty”
  • also – various religions give the left hand a negative representation.

Do you feel the difference? The right hand is associated with something positive and appropriate. On the contrary, the left hand is associated with something negative, incorrect, awkward, or inappropriate. This is the manifestation of a duality that evaluates. Polarity just distinguishes different qualities without evaluation.

What is so bad about the left hand? Do left-handed people have any negative qualities that make them worthy of such dismissal? You will not be able to find any description of such specific qualities in any literature. So why have the left-handed people been persecuted for generations?

There is an abundance of historical facts to show that if something is different, we are often afraid of it. We label it undesirable and we persecute it at every level. Human history is incredibly rich in examples of elimination or even killing of certain groups of people.

So, is there anything that the left-handed have that may cause the right-handed to fear? Maybe yes, maybe no. Are they notoriously clumsy? Here is a list of famous and popular left-handed people from various fields. So it cannot be awkwardness.

Statistically interesting is the fact that since the 1950s the percentage of left-handed people in society has been increasing in Europe. have more of the left-handed people started being born? Or is the fact that writing with the left hand is no longer prohibited in many countries more influential? Many of our parents and grandparents went through a harsh re-education at school in childhood if they took a pencil into their left hand. This has left a negative attitude towards left-handedness in society.

Being left-handed is not so dangerous nowadays.

The suppression of left-handedness has a parallel with the suppression of womanhood in times far back in human history. The left side is “feminine” from the universal point of view. Women, just like left-handed people, did not have the opportunity to fully develop their true potential until the last century. I don’t mean women in male roles, but the real strong women in full femininity.

Probably, the fight against left-handedness is (like most of the time in our history) a targeted spread of hatred between people and their division instead of cooperation. The population’s mass control through fear is also related to this. If we accept that, based on the principle of preserving the balance of polarities, there are logically approximately equal numbers of left-handers and right-handers (half and half) in our world, then it is very ingenious to prohibit half of humanity from fully using their power under penalty of death or exclusion from the society.

More information about laterality, left-handedness and right-handedness can be found in the Articles.

Do you want to find out if you are living your natural laterality?

Read article Should I deal with laterality?. Attend the seminar Left-handedness and right-handedness, brain in balance, male/female polarity. At the seminar, participants will go through a set of differential exercises to determine whether they are left or right-handed. The seminar also includes instructions on how to gently return to their natural laterality = to repolarize.

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