About me

Lucie Vřešťálová


I was born in 1974 in the Czech Republic, in the small town of Jilemnice. By the age of thirty, my life might look very demanding from the outside, but it felt “normal” and tolerable to me. I studied Geodesy and Cartography at CTU, and my husband and I continue to do this pleasant activity to this day.

It wasn’t until the birth of our two sons that I discovered that there was “something seriously wrong” in my life functioning, not only from a woman’s point of view. I started looking for answers wherever I could. For more than ten years, I attended various self-development seminars, therapies and educational events. Then, at the age of 44, I “accidentally” came across the seminar “Li-Re Gehirnbalance” (Brain in balance) with the German lecturer Karl Grunick. I went through a complete set of his laterality exercises and realized that I was not right-handed, but in fact, left-handed. Within two years, I managed to switch from a hidden lefty to a lefty.

I experienced in my own body and soul how big a difference is to live or not to live your correct laterality. I shared my own experiences with polarity reversal with the people around me. The interest and pressure from my surroundings led me to devote myself to the topic and spread it further. After an agreement with Karl, I became his student. And now – after completing the training, I can, with Karl’s permission, pass on his teachings about the principle of left-handedness, right-handedness and the principle of male/female polarity at our seminars.

Where can we meet?

At one of our seminars.

Show seminar

Interview with Jarda Dušek about laterality

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