The best answer to the question of whether something works well or not is the participants’ own experiences. The references below refer to the participants of the seminars “Left/right handedness, brain in balance and male/female polarity and the process of their subsequent polarity reversal.

It is always about their unique experiences, perceived in their own, unique way.

Hi Lucie, I’ve posted a reference for a laterality course several times and it’s never the same, I always end up deleting it. I feel like I can’t put into words what happened on the course. So I’m thinking I’ll wait, hopefully I’ll find the words soon.
Anyway, my husband and I are more and more in each other’s place every day. I can’t describe it, I can only live it. I’m enjoying my femininity, which I can live to the fullest, and my husband enjoys his masculinity. The occasional outbursts of anger have completely disappeared and instead he allows himself to express his emotions whenever needed. No big dramas, just simple living. I never dreamed of such harmony. I even took off my wedding ring. It was weighing me down and pushing me down… I’m happy to wear the earrings I found under the Christmas tree. Somehow they have a different energy.
It’s nice, too, that my son, living his laterality and masculinity, has now passed his high school entrance exams. He said he’s going into woodworking. He applied only there and got in. It was a beautiful demonstration to us that when you are where you are supposed to be, it goes smoothly. No big drama.
So thank you so much for what you and Ondra are doing and I wish us all lots of people who experience on your course what it’s like to be in your body, to be in harmony with it, to be in their place. They simply allow themselves to live life just as it is.
Luci, have a wonderful day and I hope I can put it into words so that it is clear in just a few sentences what the poet meant to say.
Martina and Pepa (one year after the seminar)

The most fundamental contribution to my life is some clicking into recognition of self-confidence. I post daily videos on social media – sites that are, how to say, out of my comfort zone, and yet, I do not doubt it. I broke up with my girlfriend. It was so clear at that point, and I didn’t hesitate. Somehow, I recognize that I no longer wish to live with the feeling of a victim, but I wish to be in the role of a creator. And I simply left the old approach to life. Energy flows beautifully, I’m not cold. I’m doing brand new things (videos, massages). I’m not making a ton of money, but I’m much more at peace than I was before. If it’s “it”, then good for me! Jakub, a year after the seminar

Hi Lucie, my experience is beautiful – even though I knew right away that I am left-handed, I am still confirming it. I see the biggest benefit in the fact that I started to enjoy a lot of things. I already do a lot of things with my left hand and even if these do not turn as well as when I was using my right hand – I don’t mind at all.

I am now approximately 6 months after the seminar. Thanks again for the course and if the opportunity arises, I would like to attend another one – perhaps on the topic of the inner power of KI. Joel (Robert), Železny Brod

It is less than five months after the seminar. I registered the biggest changes in the first weeks, and I can probably say that, except for momentary fluctuations, which are perhaps natural, they still last.

I noticed that I speak faster, I can better remember the word I wish to say, and I have more energy. I can handle it better when others get on my nerves. I can express myself without preparation and communicate what I really want. I am a little more confident and feel more like a woman. I feel like I made a developmental jump, but the best part is that it happens on its own. I have a great desire to live, to know myself and to become fully myself. There is still some work to do, but I feel I am on the right track. After such a looooong time, my natural joy in life returned to me. Before that, I only felt it at certain moments. When I’m not in a hurry, I write with my left. I enjoy it and I think the content has changed as well. Before the seminar, I was worried about how I would draw with my left especially because it is a part of my profession. It is not only possible, but now it is an even much more fun, playful, and joyful activity.

My right hip and shoulder, which was in danger of surgery, stopped hurting.

And I still remembered one moment a few days after the seminar: I suddenly realized that all that had been happening until now, even if it seemed like a waste of time, was meaningful. It came as a flash in my mind and I’m glad I caught it. The whole seminar was amazing, and I am very grateful for it. Thanks Lucie! Bara

As a child, I was right-handed without the slightest doubt. I thought everyone played like me. They count the stairs, they don’t step on the cracks in the tiles, and they check whether the passing train has an even or odd number of carriages… My studies were going well, but I felt that I did not have something like the others, already in primary school. In some situations, I was completely lost, I didn’t know how to behave. Exactly as Honza wrote here, I was preparing answers to questions that someone might ask me, I was out of the present, with zero intuition.

From today’s point of view, the dream that has repeatedly returned to me since my early childhood now seems to me eloquent. Two roads led to our house – upper and lower – today I would say right and left. I wanted to go to the upper one and a huge snake blocked my path. I ran to the lower one and suddenly it was there too. So, I ran back and forth and couldn’t get home. No way was the right one. I was a child in the 70s – left-handedness was not allowed. One of my classmates was retaught at school, she started stuttering, yet no one was interested.

Over the years, although I perceived that I was dysgraphic. I had to check everything carefully several times from a distance. But on that account, I understood children who later showed all possible “disorders” and I also suspected that the solutions and interpretations of special pedagogues were not adequate. Sometimes, on the contrary, they stood in the way of children’s progress, but that would be for another chapter. That’s when I discovered kinesiology and exercises that I think can support children very well, although today I know where the real solution is.

Just before turning 50, I changed jobs, a difficult situation arose in my family, it was a very difficult period. I couldn’t cut corners anywhere, I felt like I had to handle everything. Until I collapsed like a house of cards. Complete absence of intuition and self-relation, self-denial. I could not speak well, I had a terrible fear of not being able to work, and I had health problems caused by stress. Of course, no examination brought a diagnosis. Even at the neurology after the magnetic resonance, they told me that I was healthy. Which was good news, but I was at my wit’s end. In desperation, I asked to understand what was happening to me at any cost.

As I don’t like theoretical pedagogy, I listened to all the works of DušeK one by one, only the one called On laterality I consistently skipped until one day it started on its own. It was clear to me in a few minutes.  Although the mind prepared doubts later, of course.

The important thing in the end. Since I could not attend the course right away, I understandably rushed the style – the more you work with your left, the more left-handed you are. This brought the announced boycott and several cycles of new and new onsets of left-handedness – because, with the return to the right hand, the bad symptoms always returned. The Body Intelligence seminar with Karl Grunick helped me a lot.

I am very grateful for the seminar on laterality, male and female energy and self-approach. The experience is not transferable, but I became a left-handed person on Kubasovka. Thank you, Lucia, Rys and the whole community. I am in my six-week transition, and I am happy every day. Thanks.

About the follow-up examination at the neurology department: “Doctor, could my problems be caused by undetected left-handedness?”. “No, definitely not. Only small children have such problems.” said the doctor.

The important thing is that they are gradually disappearing now. Petra

PS: For women. For about 20 years, I suffered from the formation of inflammatory cysts in my breasts. I attempted to remove them. When I got rid of one, a new one appeared. I took it for granted. It was recognized as a “hormonal” issue. After the last examination, I don’t have a single one in my breast.

Here is the talk from my current perspective, I was on the course in June 2021:

As soon as I learned about laterality for the first time, I was completely at ease with the whole topic, and it was clear to me that I would probably actually be left-handed. I had almost all the typical symptoms. My whole life I struggled with not being man enough, I was never able to really assert myself with others.  Also, I was a classic example of good man syndrome, combined with a lack of interest from women. I was troubled by mood swings and the feeling that I didn’t belong anywhere and that no one understood me. I felt constantly out of energy, and everything seemed difficult. I could not speak fluently and, above all, react quickly if, for example, someone asked me a question that I did not expect in advance.

I was never able to turn off the constant flow of thoughts in my head, I was never satisfied with what I had accomplished and with my life in general. Allergies plagued me every spring. All guaranteed recipes to get rid of fatigue, lack of appetite for life and allergies failed me. Nothing worked at all, not even many years on a macrobiotic diet.

In addition to the usual hidden left-handed symptoms, it was immediately clear to me that I am very likely also left-handed. I was also fascinated by how many different seemingly unrelated problems could be solved, or at least greatly relieved, by a polarity reversal. Out of curiosity, I started trying to do some activities with my left hand even before the course. To my surprise, everything went very well and most importantly – almost immediately. Slicing with a sharp knife, table tennis, hacking with an axe, drawing and many others… Experimenting became a permanent habit because I didn’t feel the need to go back to the right hand when everything was going so well with the left one. But doubts plagued my head, whether it is true, and if I am indeed left-handed. Therefore, in retrospect, I understand why starting the polarity reversal before the course was not the best idea.

I expected the laterality course to be a release, but at the same time, I strongly fear that I would find out that I was not left-handed, and all my suffering would continue. However, apart from really enjoying the course, it confirmed that I am genuinely left-handed. After the course, I felt a great wave of joy. I felt that I finally knew who exactly I was, and it started to make sense to me why my whole previous life looked the way it did. Since I started switching myself before the course, the period after the course for me was mainly about the definitive understanding on all levels that I am genuinely left-handed. I only had the last few practical activities left, which I preferred to save for after the course.

I started writing left-handed and also had my guitar modified to play the other way around. I can’t say that I woke up one day and everything was different for me. Changes are happening, but they are coming slowly and gradually. I can’t even notice them without thinking about it. After about three-quarters of a year since the course, I feel that my whole life now works in much greater peace and ease. I don’t have to solve anything so much, try so hard for nothing, and not use so much strength and energy for everything. I feel much more in my masculine essence. I can tell others my opinion without fear of their disapproval. When I speak, I don’t have to look for geometric shapes with my eyes, or constantly count something. I learned from the reactions of those around me that I can express myself more fluently and clearly. I have a more open intuition and my head is calmer. All the activities I do with my left hand are good for me. Also, I feel more relaxed about them and can enjoy them with more joy instead of just getting them done.

Some of my problems are still far from completely resolved, but I feel an overall significant change in my life. Of course, even laterality is not omnipotent, gender patterns and other influences also play a large role in my problems. Anyway, I still feel extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to discover who I am in reality!

For me, the discovery of my laterality was truly a turning point in my life! Jan Kodad

I learned about laterality from friends. At first, I thought I was distinctly right-handed because I’ve been doing everything with my right hand since I was little. In time, however, I found Lucia and her website about laterality. After reading the symptoms, I realized that I have roughly 80% of them. And so, I wanted to verify my correct laterality as soon as possible. I am now about half a year after the course, where I discovered that I genuinely am an undetected left-hander. This helped me to find the real cause of how I lived until now and what I was struggling with. I feel like I’m still at the beginning of the process of re-polarisation. I don’t push myself, every day I try to do some small activity with my left hand. When I do things with my right hand, I get tired quickly, I feel tense and stiff. I feel more relaxed with my left hand. So, it is a long process but non-disputably worth it. Mainly because I wish to live a lighter and more relaxed life with my correct side. We were on the course together with a friend who also discovered that he was an undetected left-hander. Now we gradually explore and taste our true polarities. It feels right to me. I strongly recommend taking a part in the course to anyone hesitant. Dominika Ch.

I completed the laterality course in September 2021. I am learning to write with my left hand and gradually including other activities. I’m practising on writing sheets for 1-3 class, and I quite enjoy it. I dropped the drawing for now.


I am much calmer and more joyful inside. The state of “depression”, which would certainly attack me at this time, is gone. I somehow know how to find ways to be satisfied in the end, and also others with me, if we participate in something together. It also seems to me that I have stopped getting angry internally when something is not working for me, or rather it is not going according to my plans. I included the harmonization of the hemispheres before my regular morning yoga practice. I don’t feel any significant changes, just that I just enjoy it. Plus, if I don’t have time to exercise, I at least do this harmonization and I feel like I’ve done something for myself. I am more grateful and compassionate.


I’m incredibly slow, I’m constantly buying something fancy (skirts, beads, scarves, etc.) and somehow, I can’t make ends meet, which didn’t happen to me before. Almost all my plans have taken hold and I live day by day. I still can’t properly cut bread and spread it, or chop wood with my left, and I also alternate ironing between my right hand and left hand. The other activities are pretty cool, it just takes longer. Sometimes I forget and take the knife to the right, but I usually realize it during the meal. Sárka

I have finished the seminar in June 2021, so I am in the phase of reversing polarity and my impression is that this polarity-reversing process will take forever. I’m 57 years old, and the process is a bit more difficult for me. But I don’t want to discourage anyone, for someone else my age, it might be easy and quick.

I wasn’t sure about my laterality until the day before the seminar ended. Yet, even after I clarified it, I wasn’t completely clear about it. It’s not a koan, or a contradiction, it’s just the way it is, or rather it was. My body was the one which confirmed to me that I was indeed left-handed.

A few years ago, I worked as a cleaner for a year and a quarter, and in the first month, my right elbow started to hurt. I started to do Tai-Chi at that time, hoping it would help, but it didn’t. It occurred to me that if I included my left hand in the work, the right hand would improve – but no. Well, not that there was absolutely nothing, unfortunately… not only my right elbow did not stop hurting, but my left one started to hurt as well. A few months later, when I finished the job, my right elbow stopped hurting and my left one continued to hurt with the same intensity. Even so I used the left one only as an auxiliary, the left hand was not a full replacement for me at work at that time.

Two weeks after returning from the seminar, my left elbow stopped hurting, literally overnight. It still happens to me that it sometimes hurts, and I know it’s a sign that I don’t use my left hand much. So I go to the garden, where I split wood for a while with my left hand, or I go to make a vegetable salad and I honestly cut all the vegetables with my left hand, or I draw mandalas and consistently avoid helping myself with my right hand. It will pass very quickly. That’s it, take what you can from it. Sárka

The laterality seminar changed my life.

Ever since elementary school, I felt that something was wrong with my body, but I didn’t know what. I lived as a right-handed person and was very inept in PE for activities that are focused on one side (e.g. throwing, jumping, star), I was very inept in manual work and would get angry at all such activities. I was also quite nervous in groups of people, which I solved by drinking alcohol at social events. Around the age of 25, I discovered that I have both an eye and a left-handed leg, which today you get the label of crossed laterality. That explained a lot of things to me, but it still didn’t quite fit and I wondered if I was left-handed. But when I took the pencil in my left hand, it didn’t fit and didn’t work at all, so I left it alone for the next 15 years, until I saw an interview with Veronica and decided to test it. On the course, I clearly felt in my body that I am left-handed. For about a day, I had a strong inner conflict because I didn’t want to give up my old identity, I thought, what about the family and so on. After I accepted my left-handedness, I felt a lot of relief and a surge of new energy.

About a week after the seminar, I already had a lot of energy, but for about two days some anxiety and insecurities came and a little depression. My right hand was throbbing and didn’t want to do any activity, but my left hand couldn’t do much yet. After the first week, there were no more problems, and by the end of six months I emerged as a confident left-handed person (even though I hadn’t done many left-handed activities yet). Gradually, my body began to do more and more simple things by itself (opening the door, squeezing the nipples…). Three months after the polarity reversal, I am doing simple things with my left hand, eating as a lefty, working on the computer as a lefty, and I recently discovered that I am already gesturing with my left hand. I use a sharp knife with my left hand only for simple things – cucumber, carrot; I cut the bread with the right hand because I don’t want to delay it yet. I keep the scraper and other tools in my left hand, but when I’m in a hurry, I flip them over. I don’t really feel like writing yet, sometimes I draw with my left hand. I work more slowly with my left hand, but I feel relaxed and comfortable with it. I am no longer nervous in the company of people, I express myself much more, I naturally take my word and feel relaxed. I used to have occasional outbursts of anger, which almost disappeared, practically immediately after the seminar. I’m also not so much in my head, I stopped solving things so much – a lot of things are stolen from me now, I don’t have an opinion on them and I don’t even want to have one. I simply live a new, more comfortable life in which I express myself much more.

Thanks to Veronica for organizing seminars and changing people’s lives. It’s something so simple, sometimes just recognizing the fact that I’m left-handed is enough and the changes happen one after the other. Indeed, with each week after the course, a person’s life changes more and more for the better. Milada

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