Left-handedness and right-handedness

Left-handedness and right-handedness, brain in balance, male/female polarity

The seminar Left-handedness and right-handedness, brain in balance, male/female polarity is usually held twice a year in the Czech Republic and is conducted in the Czech language.

The seminars in a foreign language are offered for groups of 18-26 people. The terms and prices of the seminar are decided individually according to the local conditions. We also offer the option of participating in a seminar in the Czech Republic with English interpretation; seminars can also be organized abroad with possible interpretation into the local language.


If you are interested in foreign language translation options, please email us at lv@spravnalateralita.cz.

General information about the seminar

All terms and conditions for seminars in English or another language are arranged individually, but basic information is presented below:

LENGTH OF THE SEMINAR: 3 days, Thursday 14:00 to Sunday 14:00

PROGRAM: Runs daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. with short breaks and a longer lunch break.

CONTENTS OF THE SEMINAR: During the seminar, the participants are put through a whole set of activities and exercises which help them discover their true natural laterality. Explanation of the theoretical foundations of left-handedness and right-handedness principle, male/female polarity and the connections between them, is an integral past or the seminar. Participants will receive instructions on reversing polarity to their correct laterality, individually adapted to each participant. They will receive complete information that will help them incorporate the acquired knowledge and experience into everyday life. The seminar is also suitable for pedagogues, lecturers, therapists, trainers, and couples, and is also beneficial for participants who are not hidden left-handers. We teach a principle, not a technique.

AGE OF PARTICIPANTS: 14-80 years. We prefer, in cases where the seminar attendant is younger than 18 year old, that this person is accompanied by a parent or another adult. Please discuss particular situations with the lecturers in advance.

REFERENCES and experiences of seminar participants in the Czech Republic.

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