The process of repolarization and the effect on life

People who have found out at the seminar that they are not living their natural laterality, and decide to return to it, go through process of repolarization. The duration of process of repolarization lasts as long as the seminar participant themselves sets. Usually, it takes up to 2 years before most symptoms go away and the person begins to function naturally in their correct laterality. It is an individual process and each participant manages it themselves, according to the specific reactions of their body.

The process of repolarization can begin after completing the entire set of exercises and determining whether the participant is left-handed or right-handed. The next necessary step is the decision of the participant whether they want to switch to their correct laterality. No one can be forced to process of repolarization (not even a small child).

Process of repolarization to the correct laterality is not a salutary process that will solve all problems. For many, it is one of the pieces in the puzzle of personal development. For each person, this puzzle piece may hold different importance, and therefore a different impact.

The purpose of process of repolarization is not to “transfer” the activities to the other hand but, above all, to get back to the state of well-being, and the disappearance of the symptoms/consequences of incorrect laterality. When the polarity is reversed, the conditions in the entire system will very slowly and gradually change, and the brain will automatically come into balance without effort.

Let’s imagine a hidden left-hander as the driver of a car driving in reverse. At the beginning of the process of repolarization, the car stops and the direction of travel changes (from reverse to forward). Just the decision to stop is a big life step. The left-hander starts forward initially in the first gear. It is not a drastic change in pace from before. It is unusual for the driver to look the other way. The left-hander is in reality learning how to drive a car all over again. It gets better after some time – the body does not hurt as much, and the overall car driving experience is more pleasant, easier, more natural, lighter, and effortless. After some time, the left-hander tries to switch the gear to the second level of speed. He/she has never driven so fast before! Later on, the left-hander gradually gets used to higher and higher speeds – third, fourth, fifth and sixth gears. Unlike when driving using reverse, they now have multiple speeds available, and the gears are used as is most convenient at the time. However, the most important thing is the pleasure of driving.

Generally, during the process of repolarization, there will be an energetic harmonization of body imbalances on all levels – mental, emotional and physical. Many daily activities will become more natural, lighter, more relaxed, and more fluid, without excessive effort.

All symptoms may not completely disappear by process of repolarization to the correct laterality. Some symptoms may have another related cause, such as copying family behaviour models, or childhood traumas (see video 58:45 min). It is possible to work on these behaviour patterns via other methods, techniques and therapies. These therapies may not be fully effective without re-polarization to the correct laterality.

How does the process of repolarization work?

The basis for process of repolarization is a well-executed set of exercises and the detection of laterality at the energy level (see the article Exercises for determining laterality). Everyone can try them at the Seminar on Left-handedness and right-handedness, the brain in balance, male/female polarity.

Habituated behaviour models/patterns are changed and accepted by a person in the following order:

  1. on the mental level: the mind will acknowledge the change based on the body’s experiences = understands the change
  2. on the emotional level: the person accepts the change internally on the emotional level, the emotions associated with the old model are processed,
  3. on the physical level: the old invalid information is removed from the body cells on the energy level and the change is fully implemented.

The acceptance of the discovered true laterality on the mental level – in the mind, is the most important, and at the same time the first, step in process of repolarization. This is the most difficult step. The time of the overall process of repolarization for adult undetected left-handers is individual. It depends on several factors and varies between 1.5-3 years. Many participants feel significant changes immediately after the acceptance of the true laterality.

Our mind does not want change. It invents various reasons to leave it as it is. Therefore, it is necessary to start the process of repolarization very slowly, so that the whole life of undetected left-handers does not turn upside down from one day to another. In this way, the mind will slowly and gradually accept the change due to the gradual positive effects on the organism. With a radical change, the mind becomes more defensive, defence mechanisms are engaged, and the whole process may stop.

It cannot be expected (but anything is possible) that patterns experienced for decades will change in a few days. The older a person is, the more difficult and slower it may be for them to process of repolarization. For some people, this can be such a significant interference with their own identity that they decide not to chance repolarize to their true laterality. That is also right. We all have our life paths.

Many left-handers who undergo the process of polarity change report that the laterality change was a major life-turning point and a significant change for them. (Some of them compare it to the act of saving a life). They found themselves, their inner peace, and began to enjoy life. Process of repolarization to the correct laterality affects the quality of life – partnerships, health, relationships, work, inner peace, and the feeling of being right.

Thanks to a balanced brain, it is easier to cope with all the tests that life has prepared for them.

Experiences of participants with the seminar and polarity reversal can be found in REFERENCES.

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