Exercises to determine laterality

In our experience, currently available “laterality tests” are not comprehensive, and their interpretation may not correspond to reality at all. This is also confirmed by Dr.Phil.Lothar Rupff’s dissertation on “Handedness: Shortcomings of Previous Research, an Alternative Model and a New Experimental Approach”. (University of Vienna, April 2008).

Approximately 30 “testing” exercises that we guide participants through at the seminars are based on the difference in the energy settings of the brain hemispheres and the halves of the body. For most of them, the important thing is not the result (it always happens), but the difference that was noticed during the exercise performed with one arm/leg/side of the body. Both the exerciser and their partner/partners feel the difference. These are physical exercises in which there is direct contact with the body of the exerciser. There is no comprehensive list or description of exercises in any book, article or video.

The exercise takes place individually, in pairs or in smaller groups depending on the type of exercise. Some exercises require the participation of both men and women. A very important role is/are played by the co-worker(s) of the exerciser. From the outside, the collaborator independently and objectively perceives not only the result, but especially the progress and differences in the execution of the exercise. A natural relaxation of the body and an accurate execution of the exercise are necessary for the correct execution of the exercise. The body’s reaction may not always be visible to the eye, but it is perceptible/observable energetically or by touch. The immediate physical presence of the exerciser, co-worker and lecturer, who will possibly correct incorrect execution of the exercise, is necessary for a credible evaluation of the exercise.

The personal experience of how one or the other side of the body reacts to individual exercises is the most important thing that the exerciser takes away. The principle of laterality exercises is not “WHAT WE DO”, but “HOW WE DO IT / HOW IT HAPPENS”.

Exercises require sufficient time to perform them correctly and absorb your own experiences. At the same time, it is necessary to process a large amount of information and answer all questions. For that reason, we do not offer individual consultations.

Exercises to determine laterality take place at 4-day seminars Left-handedness and right-handedness, brain in balance, male/female polarity. Here, each participant has enough time to relax, let the actual energetic natural adjustment of the laterality of the body manifest itself in dozens of exercises and absorb the related information. Individual exercises do not matter. Only the sum of the results of all exercises can objectively tell which side of the body is dominant and which side is dominant side, and which side is creative.

Get a taste of what laterality means. In order for you to be able to imagine what the correct laterality entails, we organize two to three-hour lectures with a general introduction to the topic on request. They also include a demonstration of several exercises.

Detection of laterality in children

Would you like to find out the correct laterality for your child? He can go to the seminar with you. The condition is that he will be at least 8 years old. The program is not adapted for younger children.

However, if only you as a parent can attend the multi-day seminar, you will still be able to detect laterality in your children (we do not recommend testing other people’s children). At the same time, from your own experience, you can explain basic information to the child and support him in any further steps (depending on age).

It is true for both adults and children that switching to their natural laterality is a matter of personal decision, and it is not possible to force anyone (not even a small child) to switch.

Educators, special pedagogues, lecturers, doctors, trainers, therapists and other professions who are affected by laterality and would like to get acquainted with this way of determining laterality, we recommend taking the seminar as well, so that they can try out on their own body how the exercises are performed and work. For the correct execution of exercises on strangers (children and adults), we can then recommend another procedure.

It is a common and natural phenomenon in families that children copy the behavior patterns of their parents. Parents then often feel that the “problem” is with the child. However, in reality, the child is only mirroring their own behavior. Sometimes the parent “forbids” such behavior himself, but the child perceives an energy imbalance and shows unconscious behavior that is not really his, but his parents’. After the parent accepts and resolves the cause of the behavior (without the child having to know about it) the energy imbalance disappears and the child stops exhibiting the behavior. This is also one of the reasons why we recommend as a priority to find out laterality in parents and then subsequently (if it is still needed) in children.

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