Laterality + human design + family influences

What effect do the listed topics have on the human being and why are they listed here together?

Laterality – left-handedness and right-handedness

Laterality (left-handedness and right-handedness) is determined energetically by the position of the cerebral hemispheres in our brain. I could be either left-handed or right-handed. The way of using our body in our life is decided by the age of 6. Some children voluntarily, or under the pressure from others, decide not to live in their correct laterality and use their body contrary to what is natural for them. One of the reasons why this is happening is that for children up to about 4 years of age, a close adult/parent is a bigger authority figure than they are for themselves. In most cases, these children are natural left-handers who decide to try to live as right-handers. And this is the way how hidden left-handers, who very often have no idea why their life is so difficult, are created.

Car analogy: living with incorrect laterality is like trying to drive a car from the passenger seat.

Human Design (HD)

Why do some children assert themselves as left-handers while others do not? This may just be related to the HumanDesign setting.

Human Design (HD) is a system that very precisely describes the energetic individuality of each person according to the date, time and place of birth. This is the most plausible description of the functioning of a human being that I have ever come across. HD describes the abilities and gifts of a particular being. These gifts are naturally given to the person and manifest themselves without effort. At the same time, HD also describes “areas” where the particular being is open and influenced by the environment. I see HD as an individual guide to life. It explains what our life strategy is, describes our unique way of making decisions (7 types, and none coming from the mind, are recognized), our life cycles, how we behave in a group and what makes us truly special. If we find out and verify our life strategy and decision-making with the help of HD, we allow ourselves to live and experience what we came for, without the unnecessary difficulties and sorrows.

We are born with an HD setup and it stays with us for life. It defines our gifts at the personality and the body levels. And it is precisely the open personality set-up that causes us in childhood (and often later) to adopt or copy the behaviour of others, even though this behaviour does not belong to us. People with an open setup at the personality level may have a greater tendency to de-prioritize their own setup (e.g. natural laterality) and copy it from their parents/environment.

An analogy with a car: not respecting your own design looks in reality as when you get into a car for the first time. You are supposed to drive, though all the knobs, levers and pedals are unmarked and you don’t know what they are for and how to use them. You have not yet even seen the vehicle from the outside, so you have no idea whether you’re sitting in a bus, a truck, a tractor, or a Formula One car.

Family influences

Another influence that significantly shapes us is, what I generally call, family influences. A child grows up in a family and society that has some traditions, patterns, models, and standards of behaviour. In childhood, the child encounters various personal life experiences, and on the ground level, it creates his/her interpersonal models of reactions to certain situations in their mind. The child can “inherit” and project the family burdens in the form of family traumas, often repeated over several generations (diseases, addictions, suicides, etc.). All these influences are stored on an unconscious level and are spontaneously activated during life by a specific situation. It is possible to recognize these patterns in adulthood. An example: a fact that the particular person behaves in exactly the same way as their parent/grandparent, even though they hated this behaviour in childhood and told themselves that they would never behave like this. But it cannot be helped due to the energetic force of family influences. For our system, the initial entry with the given situation is important. Our system will automatically return to this and trigger a reaction from the unconscious. In reality then, we are not living ourselves, but we repeat our patterns and the patterns of our ancestors, even if they do not benefit us.

An analogy with a car: we can imagine family influences in a car as a heavy load in the trunk and parents and other ancestors sitting everywhere in the car and on the hood. They obstruct the view and force the driver to go where they want. Alternatively, they block the view from the car so that the driver goes in the direction they want.

What if someone has all these together?

Let’s imagine a person who does not live their correct laterality + has no knowledge of and disrespects their HD settings + is under the influence of family formulas.

This person tries to drive the car from the passenger seat. They don’t know how to drive a car, so they gradually try the knobs, levers and pedals by trial and error. Several people are sitting in different places in and on their car, talking to them about the direction of travel, speed, etc., and obstructing their view. On top of that, there is also an extra load in the car’s trunk.

No wonder then that so many people claim that life is hard and filled with suffering.

What can we do?

Some people don’t mind and just “keep going”. This may be the right path in their life. While someone else would like to experience what it is like to drive a car from the driver’s seat. This person would also like to find out what kind of “vehicle” they have, and how it should be used according to its purpose – in the field, on the road, on the race-track or to transport people or load. Someone else would like to understand all the buttons’ functions and be able to drive well. How to use the wipers when it’s raining, the lights when it’s dark and to know all the features that this vehicle has. It would certainly be nice to try to go wherever the driver wants – without the meddlers and their suitcases. This person wishes to enjoy the full view from all the windows… and live their own life…

The interesting thing is that we are not aware of how deeply immersed we are in these matters and our state seems “normal”. It is only when the unconscious influences become visible and we understand them – only then we are no longer controlled by them and can change them.

So where do I start if I want to change?

With any of the above-mentioned matters to which the person is tethered.

The people who offer the Human Design interpretation say that people can gain energy (= to find out in what kind of vehicle they, in reality, sit in, and how to drive it) only by discovering, verifying and respecting their own HD’s setup.

At the seminar Left-handedness and right-handedness, the brain in balance, male/female polarity, participants can check whether they live their laterality and, if necessary, can change polarity = to change from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat.

By using family constellations or other energy therapies (Homoeopathy, Kinesiology, NLP, etc.) it is possible to find out the source and strength of the energy/ family influence and heal it (= to unload foreign suitcases and drop off passengers).

All mentioned above is the reason why we inform participants about the existence of Human Design and the possibilities of how to heal family influences at our seminars.

Special thanks to my husband Jan for creatively creating car analogies for this article.

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