About human design

General information about the human design system

I have personally found that it was very helpful to know my own human design (HD) setup for myself and my family members. My HD interpretation was done by people who deal with this topic professionally. It has helped me a lot to understand why I have some things differently than other family members. At the same time, it helped me to understand and accept that we are all completely different. Even though HD is a system, every being has in its own individual unique “box”. Human design setup is determined by date, time and place of birth. That’s why it’s important to know it or to find out your time of birth as accurately as possible (from your parents, at the Register office, at the maternity ward, or even with the help of Kinesiology therapy).

L/R seminar attendees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their own HD setup. The interpretation of HD is an interesting thing, but the greatest benefit will come to a person when they verify their own setup in practice, begin to respect it in their life, experiment with it and use it. The HD system is very complex, and it is difficult to go through it alone. For most people, it is better to leave the initial personal interpretation in the hands of professionals who have studied this system for many years.

I cannot (thanks to my HD setup) recommend something I have not tested myself. I had the interpretation of my HD done by several people, all trained experts on the subject who provide personal interpretations in the Czech language. And since each of them has their own HD setup, their concept of interpretation is also unique. I cannot say that any of them is better or insufficient. Every interpretation gave me something. Sometimes more, sometimes less. My preferences are influenced by my own HD setup and therefore they apply to me only.

A large amount of information on Human design can be found in English. I am presenting some interesting links to the general information.

In our seminars, we introduce participants to the basic information and purpose of HD and support them to respect their setup. For this reason, our “seminar rules” are not the same for all participants. This is so that the participants can feel comfortable and are not forced into anything that they are uneasy with and into what is not in line with their unique setup.

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