The influence of laterality on partnerships

Together, the partners form a couple and a closed unit. We can think of it as a monad sphere, where the man forms the white part with the black dot on the left and the woman forms the black part with the white dot on the right. Any empty space cannot appear anywhere inside a monad (couple). If someone in a couple changes something (expands or frees up their space), the other reacts by either retreating or expanding. At the same time, nothing can get out of the sphere. Both “masses” are attracted, and a “charge” is formed between them, like on a battery between the plus and the minus. One cannot exist without the other, and together they form a harmonious whole.

Let’s imagine an undetected left-handed man who has more feminine energy (because he cannot fully express his masculine energy with the left/dominant side of his body). What kind of partner will he attract? A partner with more pronounced masculine energy. If she is an undetected left-hander, they can be satisfied in the partnership and their relationship will be balanced. Regardless, it is obvious that a such man cannot fully express his masculine strength and such a woman her natural femininity. To make it quite clear, their relationship is shown in the following monad. The woman has a much larger white dot of masculinity and the man has a much larger dot of femininity. It is impossible for these dots to have different sizes (one smaller, one larger).

What happens when one of them discovers their true laterality/power and starts to manifest it? A man will decrease his range of feminine energy (black dot) and thereby increase his range of masculine energy (white field). For a woman, it will be the opposite: the total female energy will increase (black area), and the amount of male energy will decrease (white dot). This change is not sudden, it takes place gradually, always just small steps. The monad will gradually transform into the state as you could see in the first image.

In this context, it is necessary to point out that correct laterality is a very important matter for relationships. If there is only one hidden left-handed person in the relationship and he/she will repoliarze to their laterality, the relationship can take on a completely different dimension. The old patterns in a relationship built over time, which were immovable, can now be shifted.

Can people with different laterality live together?

Yes, they can live happily together in any combination. None of the listed combinations is inappropriate:

  • right-handed + right-handed
  • right-handed + left-handed
  • left-handed + left-handed
  • left-handed + right-handed

However, it is necessary to note that some combinations may feel an internal conflict with some social conventions. Everyday matters in a partnership may feel unpleasant for them. But there is a way for all couple combinations to live together without these unpleasant feelings – if they know their correct laterality, the principles of male-female quality and if they are willing to give up some strict social conventions.

For the sake of illustration, I present several common daily partner relationship activities which show the effect of laterality in partner cohabitation:

  • holding hands on a walk
  • sitting next to each other
  • hugging each other
  • sleeping next to each other in bed

A different variant is suitable and pleasant for each of the left-handed and right-handed partner combinations. If the partners are not aware of this, they may experience unpleasant situations during living in the relationship without knowing that this is caused by laterality. The experience of these in practice and their use are explained in detail, as well as tested, at the Left-handedness and Right-handedness seminar. That is why it is sometimes possible to hear shouts like:

  • That’s why I don’t want to hold hands with her for a walk!
  • That’s why I find hugging him “about nothing” and with other men pleasant!
  • That’s why we sleep upside down before we are going to sleep!

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