Do you feel stuck? Test your own laterality!

Why? Because without using laterality correctly, our personal development can be stunted or even stopped.

In addition to the physical (material) body, seven more subtle bodies are part of us. I will mention only two of them:

  • The second body – the emotional body – is the bearer of emotions, feelings, and instincts.
  • The third body – the mental body – is the bearer of our thoughts, ideas, and rational knowledge.

We have another 5 subtle bodies, but we will not deal with them currently.

All our bodies are in balance, it is a holistic energetic, interconnected system.

Our development is ongoing in all of our bodies. Every second, we receive information and stimuli (energy) on many levels, and they are processed in our physical as well as in our subtle bodies. Our bodies evaluate stimuli and react to them. We get additional new information based on our responses. In this way, we learn and develop with experience.

One body can’t be out of balance with the others. We cannot see the mental or emotional body, but it is very easy to tell from the external physical appearance of the body how a person feels on an emotional and mental level. Surely, you often encounter a situation where you know exactly, even without words, how the person in front of you feels or what they are thinking. So, clearly, the mental and emotional body is reflected not only in the appearance of the physical body.

Development and learning take place in all bodies. If one body is “neglected”, the other bodies will only develop to a certain level and then the development stops – it gets stuck.

My own experience on the volleyball team can work very well as an example of developing the physical, mental, and emotional body. Up to a certain age, we worked only on physical preparation – development of the physical body – running, dexterity, endurance, hitting technique, etc. The team with the most physically fit players won.

As we gradually grew, physical fitness was no longer enough. It was necessary to refine the strategy and tactics of the game. This represents the development of the mental body. Game systems, various offensive and defensive tactics against a specific opponent, or, – in a more advanced stage – against a specific player, began to be worked on.

The development continued, and it was found that teams that can work well with emotions and so-called “sell it on the pitch”, have an advantage. It is the coaches, who are in charge of the development of the emotional body in the teams, who cheer the team and work with emotions. The team which can work well with current emotions at every moment and does not let itself be “destroyed” by the current state of the match has the advantage. Fans also work on this principle – a source of positive emotions.

From my youth, I remember a match when, on the instructions of our coach, during the warm-up, we hit the unstable coach of the opponents with smashes. Three to four hits with the ball near him managed to throw him off so much that he transferred his frustration to the whole team, and we won, despite being the worse team in terms of physicality and tactics. We were young, ambitious, and willing to fight at all levels. Unfortunately, it also worked the other way around. If the referee upset our coach with an “unfair” statement, it was difficult for us to get back into the game.

From the above, it is clear that one who develops all levels – physical, mental, and emotional – has the advantage.

How does this relate to laterality?

Laterality belongs to the physical body. This is the energetic setting of the physical body. Improperly used laterality not only causes poorer body mobility, but also limits the possibilities of physical body development. Such a person develops incomparably more slowly on the mental and emotional level, and sometimes their development even stops entirely. It can manifest itself in stuck-ness and the impossibility of further development (usually in the role of the victim). This handicap cannot be overcome by further attempts to develop the mental body (e.g., by studying, reading, and feeding the mind) or by developing the emotional body (meditations, therapies). It is necessary to shift the development of the physical body and respect natural laterality.

After the polarity is reversed to the correct laterality, a significant developmental shift occurs very often. Development of the physical body is set in motion, and everything that was previously realized on the mental level (what we have already heard a hundred times and know by heart) and released on the emotional level (what we have already mourned or forgiven a hundred times), effortlessly changes and becomes a physical reality. Models that could not be moved for a long time can gradually disappear and a person comes to their true strength and inner peace.

However, the correct laterality is not a panacea for everything, either. It is a piece of the puzzle and can have a completely different impact on everyone. It is possible to discover your true natural laterality at the Left-handedness and Right-handedness seminar.

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