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to websites and films on the subject of left-handedness and right-handedness

https://kö – Karl Grunick describes the principle of laterality. He is the author of the method of a set of exercises for the energy detection of laterality. At his seminars, I became familiar with this principle and its connection to the male-female polarity. Karl also teaches K.I. – the intelligence of the body.

Further links regarding left-handedness and right-handedness (laterality) may contain information different from the principle and information we present on our website. – Dr Johanna Barbara Sattler, who deals with the topic of laterality in Germany and has written several publications on the subject. Her concept of laterality detection exercises is different from Karel Grunick’s exercises. Still, her laterality tests are more reliable than existing publicly known tests. – Dr Ian McGilchrist, deals with the brain and differences in the hemisphere qualities. He is the author of the book “The Master and His Envoy: The Divided Brain and the Shaping of the Western World.” He interestingly describes the male and female qualities of the individual hemispheres and their influence on the state of our world. His documentary “The Divided Brain” ran in 2022 on ČT2, though is no longer available there, you can find it in English.

Movies about hidden/over-trained left-handers

King’s Speech (2010)

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