Exercises for harmonizing the cerebral hemispheres.

There are many exercises for harmonizing the cerebral hemispheres. You may find them on the Internet, YouTube, in books and seminars.

But why do they exist? … Probably because there are people whose cerebral hemispheres are not harmonized.

Are people born with unharmonized hemispheres? …. No, babies are born fully harmonized. How else.

So do their hemispheres dis-harmonize over time? … Probably yes.

But how does that happen? What causes it? Food, drink, environment, trauma, or what?

One of the possible causes of disharmony/imbalance of the cerebral hemispheres may lie in an imbalance of the physical, emotional and mental body levels or incorrect laterality.

Imbalance of mind, body, and emotions

The emphasis on “thinking” and performance is highly esteemed in the modern society. “Feeling” is detested because it cannot be precisely measured. A common result of societal pressure is a person who solves everything not only by thoughts but mainly by thinking and being as described “in the head”. This person uses the dominant hemisphere for everything and suppresses feeling (the creative hemisphere). As compensation for an overused mental body, this person uses relaxation to support the physical (e.g. sports, massages, hiking) or emotional (e.g. music, art, nature) body. In the situations such as this, the harmonizing exercises can temporarily help or partially compensate.

Incorrect laterality

People who do not live their laterality overload their creative hemisphere by not using their body in the way that is natural for them. Impulses for the dominant hemisphere also flow through the creative hemisphere. The creative hemisphere forwards them to the dominant hemisphere, nonetheless, it cannot function naturally and perform the creative hemisphere activities. The creative hemisphere is suppressed, and an imbalance occurs. Doing harmonizing exercises may have a positive effect on how we feel, but it does not remove the cause.

In people with non-lived correct laterality (non-lived left-handedness, non-lived right-handedness), the brain hemisphere harmonizing exercises only compensate for this outcome (imbalance), but do not remove the cause. In both cases, it is necessary to perform the exercises regularly and all the time, otherwise the effect will disappear.

The exercise for harmonizing the cerebral hemispheres according to Karel Grunick, listed below, is intended for people who recognized themselves as hidden left-handers at the L/R seminar and are reversing their polarity to their correct laterality (approximately a two-year process). Therefore, this exercise DOES NOT REMOVE THE IMBALANCE OF THE BRAIN HEMISPHERES, nor does it reverse polarity to the correct laterality, but only supports the process of polarity reversal.

Exercises for harmonizing the cerebral hemispheres during the polarity reversal process.

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