About laterality

Everything in the universe consists of two qualities that interact to form a harmonious whole. Even our body and brain consist of two parts, each having a different quality/polarity. If these energetically given qualities are respected, then the cerebral hemispheres are in harmony and naturally work together. On the other hand, improper or inverse use of these qualities results in an unnatural state presenting internally as well as externally.

The percentage of left-handed and right-handed persons is approximately the same, 50% and 50%. The state of not living your left-handedness and right-handedness can cause an imbalance in the body, which can manifest itself on a mental, emotional, or physical level. Not living your correct laterality has a greater impact on the quality of life than is presented to the public. Balance can be restored at any age after discovering and returning to one’s own natural laterality.

More about laterality

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